The AMI Foundation (AMIF) sponsors the annual Animal Care and Handling Conference for the Food Industry. It is generally held in the autumn in Kansas City and offers practical, applied information designed to help the industry implement practices and technologies that will enhance animal handling and stunning.

The 2014 Animal Care and Handling Conference will be held October 16-17, 2014, in Kansas City. For information or to register, click here.

In 2014, AMI released a new training video featuring Dr. Temple Grandin demonstrating the proper use of livestock driving tools. The video is intended to teach plant and employees and truckers how to minimize stress when moving livestock.

Training DVDs

AMIF also offers training DVDs in English and Spanish that cover animal handling and stunning in meat plants.  One DVD focuses on cattle handling while the other focuses on pig handling.  The DVDs also address AMIís Animal Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide. The DVDs were updated in 2012.  To order these DVDs, click here:

Helmet Stickers

AMIF offers helmet stickers for use in recognizing employees who have been trained in cattle and hog animal handling and stunning. These stickers are available for $25 for 100 stickers, including shipping and handling. To order these stickers, click here: Please specify either cattle or hog stickers.

To download an order form, click here.

Animal Welfare Assistance

Animal welfare assistance is available directly from AMI staff experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, because animal welfare is treated as a non-competitive issue by AMI members, industry experts are also available to assist others when problems occur. To utilize AMI's Animal Welfare Assistance Program, email or call Janet Riley, or 202/587-4245.  Be prepared to describe the nature of the problem and the nature of your operation. A staff member will respond to you promptly.

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