Since 1991, the AMI Foundation has encouraged its members to subscribe to voluntary animal welfare guidelines and to embrace auditing programs and they have done so. The meat industry was the first sector in animal agriculture to develop such guidelines and to begin self-audit programs.

Data collected by Colorado State University's Dr. Temple Grandin for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and major restaurant chains show that animal handling in the meat industry has improved dramatically during the last two decades. The data can be viewed at

The AMI Foundation released its updated 2013 Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide in July 2013. This replaces the 2012 edition.

Guidelines and Audit Guide

Audit Forms 

    Many companies also retain third party expert auditors. American Meat Institute members who perform third party animal welfare audits include:

    The AMI Foundation supports the efforts of the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization, Inc. (PAACO) to train and certify animal welfare auditors. More information about PAACO training and certification may be found at:

    To View the Institute’s Cattle Mobility Scoring Video, click here


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