Plants strive to find and eliminate distractions.

Hose may cause balking.

Piglets are hesitant to walk on new floor - they will be easier to drive if allowed to explore the new floor first.

Pigs walk side by side with see-through
partition between them

Even yellow tape can frighten cattle
because it is unfamiliar to them.

Cattle may refuse to walk on grain floors because of shadows they create.

On a sunny day cattle may refuse
to enter dark plant.

Fan blades moved by wind
make cattle turn back.
Air needs to be directed away
from cattle by using mufflers.

An animal looks at a sun spot and stops.

Lamp facilitates cattle entry. Animals
often refuse to enter dark places.

Pigs will be easier to handle at the plant if
producers walk through finishing pens
to teach pigs to quietly move away.

Moving piglets with plastic bags.

Curved chutes work with - not against - natural livestock behavior to go back where they came from.

Noises like those from this pump can scare livestock and cause them to balk.

Broken cleats must be replaced.

Providing roughage for environmental enrichment.

Cattle movement can be improved by adding solid sides that limit distractions.

Steers often balk and stop when they see distractions outside fences.

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